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Poverty Measurement

2012 Calculation programs and databases


Pursuant to the General Law of Social Development (LGDS), CONEVAL has the attribution and obligation to establish the guidelines and criteria for the definition, identification and measurement of poverty based on information generated by the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI). Therefore, poverty measurement uses as a source of information the National Survey of Income and Expenditure at Households and its Socioeconomic Conditions Module (MCS-ENIGH) published by said institution.


In order to guarantee transparency and technical rigor in the activities undertaken by CONEVAL, we place at the population’s disposal the calculation software and databases for poverty measurement in STATA, SPSS and R format, as well as a technical note with a brief explanation of the changes in the MCS-ENIGH questionnaire and the adaptations concerning the application of the methodology in data processing for 2010 and 2012 are available to the public.


   Programs and databases 2010-2012: