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Social Program Evaluation
Nutrition and Provision Strategic Evaluation  

The National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) acknowledges the importance of Mexico’s nutrition problems, for they reflect the existence of obstacles for the effective exercise of the right to food and to social development, reason why the Nutrition and Provision Strategic Evaluation was made, whose main objective is to evaluate the governmental response in tending to the Mexican population’s main nutritional problems, as are malnutrition, anemia, excess weight and obesity. 


Among the main results, this report shows that, although improvement is seen in malnutrition and anemia prevalences, they still persist among vulnerable populations, such as indigenous, preschool, elderly adults and women in fertile age, while excess weight and obesity have increased throughout the entire population. Likewise, the analysis of the governmental response reveals that, even though planning acknowledges both malnutrition issues (due to the lack and the excess of intake), federal social programs are targeted to solve malnutrition and anemia problems, but not excess weight and obesity issues, whose response is confined to those institutional programs offered by healthcare offered by the State.


This report is made up of two chapters. The first features the conceptual framework of food security, together with the indicators corresponding to the measurement of its dimensions in Mexico, and the diagnosis of the Mexican population’s nutritional situation. The second valuates the governmental direct response to the Mexican population’s main nutritional problems based on the efficacy of its interventions, the pertinence of its actions regarding the population’s needs, and the coordination between them.