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Social Program Evaluation
Impact Evaluations 

One of the main challenges in matters of evaluation is determining if the social programs fulfill the goal and purpose for which they were designed. Therefore, it is relevant to develop impact evaluations that use rigorous methodology, to determine if the program has an impact in matters of economic features or those relative to the wellbeing of their beneficiaries, by means of the use of the adequate indicators.


According to number I.a of the General Guidelines for the Evaluation of Federal Programs, impact evaluations identify by means of rigorous methodologies the change in the indicators based on results attributable to the execution of the federal program.  In the same document, the twentieth guideline sets forth that the CONEVAL shall revise the methodology and terms of reference of these types of evaluations.


In order to have an adequate mechanism to determine if a program complies with the necessary conditions to develop these types of evaluations, in the 2008 Annual Evaluation Program it was determined, in number 18, that every program intending to develop an impact evaluation, shall first develop a feasibility analysis of this type of evaluation and deliver it to the CONEVAL for comments. Based on said document’s revision, the CONEVAL, the Ministry of Treasure (SHCP) and the Ministry of Public Administration (Secretaría de la Función Pública) shall assess, jointly with the program, if developing the evaluation is possible. To prepare this analysis, we count with the document entitled Feasibility Analysis Outline to undertake an Impact Evaluation, which contains the necessary elements to write program evaluation feasibility analyses and bibliographic references in different fields.


There are impact evaluations of federal social programs that count with the adequate rigorousness and with solid results. If you wish to know the list of programs that have been object to impact evaluation in the years 1992, 2000, 2004-2007, you may consult it through the following hyperlink:


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Results-Based Budget Support Program, Phase I
Loan No. 2043/OC-ME 

Terms of Reference


“Social Program Impact Evaluation Incubator”

 Terms of Reference


“Qualitative impact evaluations of the Health Caravan Program (Programa Caravanas de la Salud) and the 100x100 Strategy”

 If you wish to view the impact evaluations of the institutions in question, please go to the following yearly links:



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2010 Impact Evaluation 


2011 Impact Evaluations