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Reports and Publications
Poverty Measurement Publications






Report of Poverty in Mexico, 2012
Since 2008, year in which CONEVAL started measuring poverty from a multi-dimensional perspective, the changes of each dimension comprising poverty at national level and for each federal entity have been published. Now, the Council presents, for the third time, the results of poverty measurement in Mexico 2012 from a multidimensional perspective according to the General Law of Development.
The results published today collect the changes observed between 2010 and 2012. This information is useful to identify progresses and challenges on the social development field and as a supply for the evaluation and design of public policies intended to overcome poverty, as well as to drive the economic and social wellbeing of population
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Report of Poverty in Mexico 2010: the Country, its Federal Entities and its Municipalities


The poverty estimations presented in this report are the result of an intense and thorough process of investigation, analysis and consultation with the best specialists at national and international level in matters of poverty measurement. This is the first time that Mexico has information regarding the situation of poverty in its population, accordingly to what is set forth by the  General Law of Social Development (LGDS) for the country’s 2,456 municipalities.



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The Construction of the Wellbeing Lines. Methodological Document.

This document contains the methodology followed in the construction of the value of the minimum wellbeing and wellbeing lines based on the Methodology for Multidimensional Poverty in Mexico published in the Official Journal of the Federation (Diario Oficial de la Federación) in 2010. The purpose of establishing the Wellbeing Lines is to have a point of reference to determine if the population’s income is below or above certain thresholds established by a specific criterion.


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Poverty and Gender in Mexico. Towards an Indicator System.

With the objective of contributing to the equality between women and men through a social development policy that guarantees the eradication of any kind of gender related discrimination, CONEVAL has developed a gender and poverty indicator system which pretends, in one hand, to highlight the gender inequalities in the fulfillment of the effective access to social rights and, in the other hand, to show the relationship of said inequalities with poverty.



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Methodology for Multi-dimensional Poverty Measurement in Mexico

This document contains the methodological criteria CONEVAL has adopted for poverty measurement in Mexico. These criteria are the result of an intense and thorough process of investigation, analysis and consultation with the best specialists at national and international level in matters of poverty measurement, as well as with different institutions and organizations that have shared their experience and knowledge with CONEVAL.  



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Report on Multi-dimensional Poverty in Mexico 2008

With the publication of this first multidimensional poverty report, CONEVAL aims to provide the necessary elements to learn about the Mexican’s population poverty situation and to contribute to the design, implementation and evaluation of public policy, as well as to the application of differentiated actions to attend specific needs of different population groups..

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Income Poverty in Mexico
This document compiles some of CONEVAL’s studies in matters of the analysis and measurement of income poverty in Mexico. It includes the results of different branches of investigation developed within CONEVAL, in order to have a broader view towards full compliance with the dispositions set forth by the General Law for Social Development, in regards with multidimensional poverty measurement in Mexico. 
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Income Poverty and Social Gap Maps, 2005

This document presents the 2005 information on income poverty and social gap at state and municipal level. This is the first time a public institution discloses information of this nature. By this, it aims to fulfill the purpose of contributing with objective information about the population’s poverty conditions in its different dimensions and to contribute with relevant elements for sub national and national planning.




Income Poverty Maps 2000

In this publication, CONEVAL presents the state and municipal poverty maps for the year 2000 and the changes in poverty between the 2000 and 2005. The data presented aims to contribute with information on the evolution of the population’s poverty conditions, bringing forth relevant elements for the analysis of said changes.   ..

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