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Poverty Measurement

Within the framework of International Youth Day, CONEVAL releases information on the situation of multidimensional poverty in this sector of the population.

Based on the official methodology for multidimensional poverty measurement in Mexico, the CONEVAL estimates that, in 2008, 14.9 million young men and women, who represented 14.0 percent of the total population, were in multidimensional poverty. Out of which, 3.3 million were in extreme multidimensional poverty. In the same year, 12.1 million young people were vulnerable due to social deprivations, 1.5 million were vulnerable due to income and 6.2 million were not considered multidimensional poor nor vulnerable due to income or social deprivations.

In 2008, youths in multidimensional poverty had, in average, 2.7* social deprivations. Social deprivations among the total of youths were the following: 18.1 percent had educational gap; 44.7 percent had no access to health services; 68.0 percent had no access to social security; 18.1 percent had housing quality and spaces deprivation; 19.1 percent had no access to basic services at home, and 22.0 percent had deprivation regarding access to food.

According to the Mexican Youth Institute Law (Ley del Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud), published in the Official Journal of the Federation (Diario Oficial de la Federación) on January 6 1999, a youth is a person between the age of 12 and 29.

The federal entities which in 2008 concentrated the highest percentage of youths in multidimensional poverty condition were the following: Chiapas with 75.8 percent; Guerrero with 67.4 percent; Puebla with 61.6 percent and Oaxaca with 61.2 percent.

CONEVAL published the official methodology for multidimensional measurement of poverty in Mexico on December 2009. To make its estimations it used information from the 2008 National Survey of Income and Expenditure at Households and its Socioeconomic Conditions Module (MCS-ENIGH) generated by the National Statistics and Geography Institute (INEGI) 

*ERRATA: previously it said 1.9, must say 2.7
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