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Poverty Measurement


This International Women’s Day, CONEVAL provides information relative to the female population based on the results of multidimensional poverty measurement, which allow knowing the social situation of the entire Mexican population and the type of attention each population group requires.


A person is considered in multidimensional poverty situation when his/her income is insufficient to acquire the goods and services he/she requires to satisfy his/her needs and presents social deprivation in at least one of the following six indicators:


 Educational gap

 Access to healthcare

 Access to social security

 Home quality and spaces

 Basic services at home

 Access to food


The official methodology to measure multidimensional poverty corresponding to 2008 shows the following data relative to the female population in Mexico:


  47.2 million Mexicans live in multidimensional poverty conditions, out of which 24.4 million are women,,

  2.6 million Women in Mexico are vulnerable due to income, that is, do not have deprivations but have a low income.

  17.6 million Mexican women are vulnerable due to deprivations, that is, have one ore more social deprivations and earn an income that allows them economic wellbeing.

  10.3 million Mexican women have no social deprivations and have an income that allows them economic wellbeing.