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Poverty Measurement
2010-2012 National and Federal Entity poverty measurements results  

In compliance with the provisions established in the General Law of Social Development (LGDS), CONEVAL reports the poverty estimates nationwide and for each federal entity, corresponding to 2012.


The purpose of this information is to provide elements to improve the public policies tending towards eliminating poverty. By knowing the status of the dimensions that form the poverty phenomenon, the orders of the government (federal, state and municipal) may identify the areas in which the institutional efforts must be double, as well as the regions in the country where it is necessary to strengthen the priority attention of the population living in economic or social poverty or vulnerability.



Methodological aspects:

The 2012 poverty estimates were calculated from the databases of the Socioeconomic Conditions Module of the National Survey of Income and Expenditure at Households (MCS-ENIGH) made by the National Institute of Statistic and Geography  (INEGI) between August and November, 2012, which were published on July 16. Due to the fact that INEGI adjusted the expansion factors of the 2010 survey to the current population projections, developed by the National Population Council (CONAPO), the poverty estimates corresponding to 2008 and 2010 presented today, show variations regarding those previously published by CONEVAL, since all those were based on previous population projections.