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Poverty Measurement
Multidimensional poverty measurement


Through its laws, the Mexican State has assumed the commitment of guaranteeing the full exercise of social rights, and thus ensure access to social development by all the population. In this context, the harshest and most unacceptable reflection of the social gaps that persist in our country is poverty, which instills serious limitations for physical and social development, denies equal opportunity and evidences our society’s failure to overcome the huge social inequalities prevailing among it.


Even though progresses have been recorded in various dimensions of social development in the last decades, the prevailing challenges in matters of overcoming poverty compel us to strengthen and complement social policy and programs, in order to consolidate the goals we’ve reached. In a complex economical, social and political context, it is indispensable to employ any resources available the best way possible to guarantee social programs effectively reach those who need them the most.


The "Methodology for multidimensional poverty measurement in Mexico" features the methodological criteria the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) has adopted for multidimensional poverty in Mexico. These criteria are a result of an intensive and careful research, analysis and consultation process with some of the best specialists both nationwide and internationally in matters of poverty measurement, as well as with different institutions and organizations who have kindly shared their experience and knowledge with the CONEVAL.


Active participation by academic researchers enriched the methodology contents, both through the ongoing drive for the adoption of a rigorous research program, and by the richness of views and perspectives each of them contributed with for its development. We should also acknowledge the work undertaken by the team of professionals backing up the Council’s Executive Secretariat, who provided elements for analysis, research and support, without which it would have been impossible to develop this document.


Additionally, the methodology allows enriching the study of poverty, by complementing the known income poverty method from the optic of social rights and the analysis of the territorial context. These components will allow a precise follow-up of the population’s social gaps, which will be systematically made public and reported by the CONEVAL.


Thus, the Council establishes foundations to fulfill, with the purpose the General Law of Social Development has entrusted it in matters of defining and measuring poverty, by generating elements that can be used in the analysis and evaluation of public policy.


Gonzalo Hernández Licona
Executive Secretary



Multidimensional poverty maps 

Methodological document 

Release table 



Calculation programs:  STATA  y  SPSS




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