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About us



CONEVAL's contribution to the National Development Plan (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo, PND) 2013-2018 helps to demonstrate compliance with the strategic objective of the Council based on the results and impact achieved from its creation, and which are currently reflected in the national goals and indicators of the Administration 2012-2018.

The consolidation of CONEVAL as a technically sound, transparent and reliable institution has allowed the generation of information that is used even now to guide and measure the country's priorities. The result of this is that, for the first time in Mexico, the PND includes indicators that reflect such priorities for the purpose of providing timely follow-up, knowing the progress toward the achievement of established goals and, when appropriate, make the necessary adjustments to ensure they are fulfilled.

The Council has also contributed to the defining of goals, objectives and strategies from the information it generates; since its very beginning, the PND has used data from CONEVAL to contextualize the situation of poverty and extreme poverty in the country, as well as several other conclusions related to income inequality, the limited access to health services and dignified housing, the informal economy and the situation of geographically isolated communities in Mexico, which are also those with the highest rate of marginalization and poverty. 

Therefore, the indicators of the PND, which are built based on the methodology for the multidimensional measurement of poverty in Mexico, are as follows:

  •       Indicator VII.2.1. Deprivations of the population in extreme poverty: Average deprivations of the population in extreme poverty.
  •       Indicator VII.2.2. Lack of food security: Population in extreme poverty with lack of access to food.

 On the other hand, CONEVAL's objective and reason for being is directly aligned with national goal II. The intention of “Inclusive Mexico” (“México Incluyente”), an initiative of the PND, is to integrate society with equality, social cohesion and equal opportunities, and set out a policy focused on achieving a society with full citizen and human rights. Based on this goal, CONEVAL aligns itself with both a transverse strategy and a national objective and strategy.

In order to comply with this goal, CONEVAL contributes to both strategies by fostering instruments to monitor and evaluate social development public policies, as well as information on poverty-related issues, in order to design and execute social development programs and policies. Accordingly, the implementation of actions focused on improving social policy will contribute to promoting the population's access to social rights and in so doing, reduce the gap between those with wealth and those most in need.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the actions set out in the PND and improve the performance of public administration, CONEVAL aligns itself with the transversal strategy “Close and Modern Government” (“Gobierno Cercano y Moderno”), which includes among its lines of action:

  •       The development of public policies based on evidence and whose planning uses the best inputs in terms of information and evaluation, as well as the best practices from around the world; 
  •        The inclusion of social participation from design and execution through to evaluation and feedback on social programs;    
  •       The optimization of operating expenses and service costs to favor strategic and/or prioritize investment outlay;
  •        The evaluation and accountability of programs and invested public funds through the participation of academic and research institutions, and the strengthening of social community accounting; and
  •       The integration of a register with unique identification of social program beneficiaries through the use of new information technologies.

In addition, national objective 2.1 Guarantee the effective exercise of social rights for the entire population the transversal strategy, whose strategy 2.1.2 Strengthen the development of capacities in deprived households to better contribute to improve their quality of life and increase their productive capacity, include among their lines of action:

  •        Foster access by deprived children and adolescents to basic and upper secondary education, and ensure that they do not abandon their studies due to lack of funds;
  •       Promote effective access by families, primarily those in extreme poverty, to their social rights through coordinated and concurrent public policies;
  •        Grant the benefits of the Social Protection System on Health (Sistema de Protección Social en Salud);
  •        Provide training to the population to encourage self care, and prioritize education on nutrition and the prevention of disease;
  •       Contribute to better performance in school through nutrition and the good health of children and adolescents; and
  •        Promote early childhood stimulation actions.

Lastly, there is the alignment by CONEVAL with strategy 2.1.2 according to that established in the Guidelines for Aligning budgetary programs with the National Development Plan 2013-2018, whose objective is to establish the mechanisms that enable agencies and entities of the Federal Public Administration to align their spending programs included in the Draft Federal Expenditure Budget (Proyecto de Presupuesto de Egresos de la Federación) for the 2014 Tax Year.​