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 2006 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS





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The steering is probably the biggest difference between the SS and standard TrailBlazer. It's quick without being go-kartish and makes the TrailBlazer SS feel smaller and more agile than the regular TrailBlazer. What a shame, then, you have to steer with the same massive tiller you find in every Chevy truck, and I'm not even going to get started on the dashboard.
All I'll say is that I can't remember the last time I saw sliders on a vehicle's HVAC controls and why can't Chevy please, please, please find some other plastic to make their interiors out of? That said, it is an extremely spacious machine and the extra bolstering on the SS emblazoned front seats holds you in place much better than the stock chairs. As with just about every other modification Chevrolet has made to the TrailBlazer SS, the seats are about as good as the stock items should be in the first place but, once again, fall short of actually being sporty in the traditional sense of the word.

The Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS is, overall, a very likeable and enjoyable machine to tool around in provided you get it out of your head it's any kind of a performance machine. It steers, rides, grips, and goes with the kind of poise and involvement you would expect from a modern SUV, though you'd do well to forget that there's a Corvette engine under the hood and treat it like a rapid family conveyance rather than some kind of bargain Porsche Cayenne chaser.
If you're thinking about a 5300 V-8 TrailBlazer then I would very strongly recommend you spend the extra $3000 on an LS-based SS because it really is a considerably better vehicle for not a lot of extra cash. Compared to the $40k, 415-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8, the $31,180, 391-hp TrailBlazer SS seems like something of a steal but if ever there was a time to heed the old saying "You pays for what you gets," this is it.
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