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Social Program Evaluation
2010-2011 Specific Performance Evaluation (EED)    

Within the framework of the Performance Evaluation System (Sistema de Evaluación del Desempeño, SED) and in order to generate useful and rigorous information for decision-making, in 2011 the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL) coordinated the 2010-2011 Specific Performance Evaluation (Evaluación Específica de Desempeño, EED) of 133 social programs.

The 2010-2011 EED
is a synthetic assessment of the performance of social programs presented through a homogenous format. This evaluation shows the advancement regarding compliance with their objectives and planned goals, based on a synthesis of the information contained in the SED and through the analysis of results, services and administration indicators.

The 2010-2011 EED reports data from the programs’ fiscal year 2010 -2011 by means of a report and an executive report that integrate the following general topics:


Results: The progress in attending to the problem or need for which the program was create.

Products: The delivery of goods and services to the beneficiary population and the execution of the budget.

Coverage: The definition and quantification of the Potential, Target and Serviced Population, as well as the Serviced Population’ geographic location.

  Follow-up of aspects susceptible of improvement: The advancement of the aspects to improve derived from the results of external evaluations, as well as the actions defined in the Work Document

In order to enrich the information available for the evaluation, in this third year of the EED, the Evaluating Institution had the chance to suggest to the program, whenever it deemed it appropriate and relevant, to generate complementary information. It is in this sense is how we aimed to promote the quality and sufficiency of the sources of information.



Likewise, the 2010-2011 EED sought a close communication between the stakeholders: those responsible for the programs, the state evaluation and planning unit personnel, the Evaluating Institution and the CONEVAL.



Finally, those responsible for the program and the agency elaborated a document that reflects the institutional opinion, same that is integrated with these final reports.



The evaluation was made in compliance with what is set forth by articles 74 and 78 of the General Law of Social Development, by article 28 fraction III of the Federation Expenditure Budget for Fiscal Year 2010, and numeral 18 of the 2010 Annual Evaluation Program.

View 2010-2011 Specific Performance Evaluations




View the following 2010-2011 EED databases in Excel format: 


Reporting information on the name of the programs subject to this evaluation, the evaluating institution in charge of its realization, its cost and contact information.
Reporting information on the budget of programs, their coverage, as well as Indicator Matrix elements (Goal, Purpose, Components and Activities). 
Reporting program results, service and management indicators and their advancement in 2010.